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                                   Hello, I would like to welcome you to Inner Spiritual Transformation. 

Here at Inner Spiritual Transformation we shift the sh@#t of your life into your inner shining light as you find your truest potential.  I offer a tranquil space for you to transform your life by encouraging you to work through your blocks and becoming more self-aware. I do this as I believe that YOU can transform YOUR life through your inner spirit. This is also why I offer Reiki and Vitali-Chi sessions as they can guide you to stagnant patterns of energy.  Whereas foot and card  readings may help identify your blocks and obstacles that are holding you back.   Either way, during sessions I will share my insights of where you are right now energetically .  You can then work on these alone or with my help and guidance.  As I am always happy to work with you further if this is what you choose.  As, ultimately the choice is yours.  The next step often involve a conversation about self limiting beliefs that you are holding onto while keeping yourself small.   While keeping yourself small you may also be holding on to other peoples stories and the illusion of fear which is no longer serving you.  We can work together on  moving this sh@#t out of your energy field and replacing it with self kindness and new foundations that you can build a higher vibration from. As when you are feeling symptoms of 'dis' 'ease' and 'dis' 'comfort' your energetic vibration is struggling to tune in to the frequency of love and your focus is on the negativity in your life which consequently attracts more negativity which keeps you in a state of 'dis' 'ease'.  

 As a qualified Reiki Master Teacher and  Vitali-Chi Practitioner I can use both modalities individually as well as combining them together when intuitively guided to do so .  They compliment each other as Reiki is universal energy which is channeled through me to you. Reiki allows you to move energy within your mind, body and spirit whilst grounding you to the present moment.  Reiki is very beneficial for relaxation and stress relief among other discomforts.. Vitali-Chi also works on an energetic level whilst working with a copper circuit and vibrational frequencies and sound medicine which can change your vibration.  As we all have a vibration and resonate at different frequencies which are effected by our thoughts.  Our negative vibration can be changed through the use of the copper circuit and positive vibrational frequencies.  These vibrational frequencies may contain the vibration of crystals, vitamins, minerals, flower essences and essential oils. This system allows the movement of stagnant energies and the regeneration of the bodies cells through bio resonance frequencies entering the auric field.  This treatment allows you to move through vibrations of grief, abuse, trauma and much more. 

            I also offer training in both Reiki and Vitali-Chi.  Please contact me direct to discus options available.  


I also offer soul surgery for those that are holding onto patterns of behaviour or grief and trauma  from previos lives which is having an effect on your current life.  As this can attract more of the same energies and you may feel like you never get out of the bit.


Depending on your needs I also offer meditations which can be designed individually for you or can be part of a short course.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.   

Thank you for reading.


UK Reiki Federation Member

 Please contact us for any personal queries

Forres, Moray, Scotland 

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